Alpha Chihuahua Young Male for sale in Richland, Washington

Alpha's story
This little cuddler will happily keep your lap warm for hours while you watch TV or work on the computer. If your lap is not available he will settle for a fluffy fleece blanket near you or curl up with another dog or cat. All Alpha asks of life is a calm home with reasonably predictable routines, and lots of snuggles and play. In return he will love you with his whole heart and play whenever you want to.
Alpha wants to be friends, and once he gets over his initial reservations he will happily climb into anyone's lap for a cuddle. But you'll need to be patient while he makes up his mind that you're safe, and new people need a proper introduction and should be gentle and polite. This little guy has been through a lot of changes in his short life, and his new forever family will need to give him plenty of time to feel comfortable.
Alpha loves children, but he can be scared and startled by children who are rowdy or clumsy. When that happens, or if he's anxious for some other reason, he may get nippy, For that reason he's not recommended for a family with young children.
Other dogs readily win Alpha's friendship. He gets on well with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and when out on a pack walk he's quick to follow their lead when humans approach. At present he shares his foster home with a pair of Great Danes, and he neither knows nor cares how tiny he is by comparison. He'll play as hard as they want to, and when playtime is over he is not shy about initiating a grooming session.
He is currently living with a dog-savvy cat and will happily share a lap with the cat. This cat tolerates him and is not afraid of him, although he can be annoying - he LOVES to wash the kitty!
Alpha has a big personality for a little dog, and his eyes are very expressive - he's very good at communicating his thoughts.
He loves to play almost as much as he likes to cuddle. Plush toys, squeaky toys, balls

he loves them all, and will entertain himself, and you, for hours. He particularly loves chasing tennis balls and somehow manages to fit them in his tiny mouth

then he runs off to stash them in his special spot. He especially loves stealing toys from other dogs and will wait patiently for his chance. He likes games, too. Chase, tug, chews, rough-and-tumble with another dog, or peekaboo with a friendly human, this guy is into it all.
He's a medium-energy guy, who enjoys a good walk around the neighborhood, and will readily keep up with you during a casual jog or hike. But while he needs daily exercise to keep the tickle out of his feet, he's also happy to just curl up and enjoy your company while you kick back and do nothing in particular.
Alpha is not a problem barker. He will alert when company comes but hes easily shushed. Indoors, he is polite and calm. Alpha has a funny little half-bark that sounds a bit like a cough or sneeze, and he uses this when the TV makes a sound like a doorbell or a barking dog. (He'll show you his real bark when the pizza delivery man comes to the door.)
Alpha does well on a schedule. He wants to do what's right, and is quick to pick up on the rules and routines of his home. He picks things up especially easily if there is another dog in the home to teach him by example.
He is reliably potty trained in familiar situations and does well when taken out at regular intervals. If you put a warm fleecy coat on him he willingly goes outside in cold wet weather. When adjusting to new surroundings and a new routine, he will appreciate a little extra supervision at first and lots of praise when he gets it right.
Alpha walks well on a leash, comes when called (unless there's something especially interesting that distracts him), and knows a few basic commands.
He's smart and very much wants to please ... but sometimes he uses his smarts to figure out how best to please himself. We'd like best to see him in the care of someone who will take him to school, and will enjoy teaching him tricks and skills. He's highly treat-motivated, so will be easy to train, and we know he'd thrive on the stimulation!
Alpha is a happy healthy pup. Hes been sterilized, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for internal and external parasites. All his available healthcare records will be provided at the time of adoption.
Aplha is one of 27 dogs and puppies HART removed from a hoarding situation last year. He was in foster care for several months before being adopted by a loving but inexperienced family who didn't give him enough time to feel comfortable. As a result he nipped at a few people, and was returned to HART's care. After several more months in an experienced foster home he is ready to go to his forever family.
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