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Just look at that Bullie smile! And this girl has a disposition to match. It is only due to some tragic life changes for the family and with VERY heavy hearts theyre forced to let their Baby, in name and relationship, go. If youre looking for a family dream dog, Baby is right here!
Baby was rescued as, well, a baby from a kid selling her in front of a Wal Mart in Las Vegas. She was really banged up, with some puncture wounds to boot, when her momma first saw her and knew she HAD to take her home. Baby has been the best beloved family girl ever since. She has been there through the birth of two daughters. One is now three and the other is an infant, and Baby loves them both!
Baby is true to the Nanny Dog bullie reputation of old, you know, back in the day before the media demonized the breed? Back when people used to get bullie breed dogs because they were such good friends and nannies for the kids. She likes nothing better than to have a good romp in the yard, maybe a game of fetch with her jolly ball, then come in and hang with the family.
Baby is a medium energy dog. She does need regular exercise to maintain her health but she doesnt need a 5 mile run to be happy. Shes not particularly needy, simply being content to hang out with the family, snoozing and observing.
Being the dog savvy person that she is, Babys #1 person knew that with a rough start like Baby had, she would need the confidence builder of serious training and brain work. As soon as Baby was old enough, they started classes. Baby has been through all of them just short of her Canine Good Citizen. She is a VERY obedient girl.
She will bark the alarm when someone is at the door but Baby is no casual barker. She will quiet on command and generally is sent to her crate prior to guests coming in the door, and she stays there until she is invited out to join the party.
Baby likes other dogs with proper introduction. She does guard high value treats so its best she gets those in her crate. Baby was attacked by a cat while on a walk when she was a wee one; consequently she is not a fan of cats. She believes she must get them before they get her.
She is crate trained, house trained, and has impeccable house manners
Baby has been sterilized, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for internal and external parasites. All her available veterinary records will be provided at the time of adoption.
You can learn more about Baby from her album on our Facebook page at: /pg/HearthfireAnimalRescueTeam/photos/?tab=album&album_id=054
Please note that HART does not have a facility. Our dogs live in foster homes, and are not available to meet potential adopters until after their adoption application has been approved.
If you are interested in adopting Baby, please email and request an adoption application. Our application process includes an online background check, vet interview, landlord/property manager interview (if in rental property), and interviews with personal references, other adults living on the property, and the applicant. Depending on various factors we may require a home check. This process usually takes about one week to complete.
Most of our dogs are located in the Tri-Cities, Washington area, and if necessary we will transport them anywhere within the Pacific Northwest, at the adopter's expense. We do not ship our dogs via a third party; they are handed directly from a trusted HART representative to the adopter.
Loving, Mellow, Playful

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