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Kira's story
If you're looking to add a happy, affectionate, playful goofball to your life, look no further. Kira is everything you need. She has everything it takes to make a great companion and family dog.
We were told that she was a young woman's best pal, until one day she wasn't. Life moved the young woman along, and Kira was left with a relative who didn't want her, who passed her along to another relative who didn't want her. Fortunately at that point we heard about her and took her in.
We know she's not purebred, but in look and temperament she's mainly GSD. When she talks (which is often) it's in a Husky soprano, and her square body shape suggests there may be some Labrador in there.
Once Kira feels comfortable with her human caregiver she's quick to make friends with whatever other humans come her way. She responds happily to offers of treats, pets or play.
Kira takes a while to relax with other dogs and will tend to ignore them at first, but she's consistently polite and friendly. She enjoys playing with other dogs and would probably be a great candidate for dog parks.
When we introduced Kira to a cat, she averted her eyes and pretended it wasn't there. She would also ignore the feral cats that hung out around one of the places she stayed previously.
Expect Kira to take up to a week to settle into her new home. It's clear that she's been loved for most of her life, but she's been through a lot of changes in a short time period and that will unsettle a girl. But she wants to fit in, and provided her transition to her new family is calm and predictable, with minimal stimulation and plenty of crate time with the opportunity to observe the routines of her home, she'll adjust well.
She's a medium-energy dog who needs daily play and exercise and would be happiest in a home with a fair-sized yard. Given that, she'll be content to kick back and relax with something to chew while you get on with your day.
When we met Kira she was obsessively attached to a basketball. That thing practically grew on her face! Introduced to other toys, however, she quickly learned to diversify. This girl will spend many happy hours with a good chew; she will entertain herself (and you) with squeaky toys and stuffies (she's not a destroyer), and she loves balls of all shapes and sizes.
She loves a good hard run, and she's always available to play. She especially loves to chase after balls and sticks - and she'll bring them back, but she's not quite figured out the part about handing them to you. We play with two balls - she'll drop the one in her mouth to fetch the one you throw for her.
Kira is affectionate - she loves snuggles and belly rubs. She tends to be needy - she wants to be with her human, and may break out of a crate or go over a fence to search for you. We're working on this, and will be able to advise her adopter on how to help her accept being left at home alone. However, she will be happiest living with someone who is home most of the time, or who can take her to work with them.
She enjoys car rides and is a good traveler.
Kira is very smart and eager to please, as well as highly treat-motivated. She readily picks up on household rules and routines, and she's a quick study. She's proving to be a pleasure to train!
Her obedience skills aren't great; she knows "sit" and accepts a leash, but she tends to pull on the leash. She knows she's supposed to come when she's called, but if she's having fun she may choose not to, so we're working on her recall. Her adopter should be willing to put time into taking her to school and working with her.
She is crate trained, and readily goes to her crate for meals, bedtime, and quiet times during the day. She's reliably house-broken, and will use a dog door or ask to go outside. Although she loves to chew she is generally not destructive, and will save her chewing for her own things.
When we took Kira in her general condition was fair, but we saw a real improvement in the condition of her coat and her muscle tone after starting her on a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. She is currently being treated for a minor ear infection.
Kira's movement and willingness to run and play seem completely normal, but a vet diagnosed mild hip displasia. This is such a mild case that it's not evident from her gait or after a hard session of play. However, because of this, Kira is not a fit for someone looking for a companion for long-distance running, intense hiking, or similar levels of activity. She is well able to enjoy the normal activities of a companion dog - walks and hikes, casual jogging, games of fetch, and so on. Her adopter will need to supplement her diet with joint-care products like MSM glucosamine, and as she ages she may need pain management for arthritis.
Kira has been sterilized, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for internal and external parasites. All her available veterinary records will be provided at the time of adoption.
Kira's adoption fee is $250. For more pictures and updates about her, see her album on our Facebook page at /pg/HearthfireAnimalRescueTeam/photos/?tab=album&album_id=348
Please note that HART does not have a facility. Our dogs live in foster homes, and are not available to meet potential adopters until after their adoption application has been approved.
If you are interested in adopting Kira, please email and request an adoption application. Our application process includes an online background check, vet interview, landlord/property manager interview (if in rental property), and interviews with personal references, other adults living on the property, and the applicant. Depending on various factors we may require a home check. This process usually takes about one week to complete.
Most of our dogs are located in the Tri-Cities, Washington area, and if necessary we will transport them anywhere within the Pacific Northwest, at the adopter's expense. We do not ship our dogs via a third party; they are handed directly from a trusted HART representative to the adopter.

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