Vona Chihuahua Young Female for sale in Richland, Washington


Vona's story
This cheerful pup loves staying close to her special person, whether she's near your shoulder on the back of the couch, or curled up on your desk while you're working.
She loves to snuggle, but she'd also love to be your companion in adventure. She's an inquisitive girl who loves to explore. At present she's living on a farm, which is FULL of interesting things to smell, and she is enjoying them all. She rarely goes far from her human, and she checks in regularly to snag some loves.
Vona doesn't seem to know what to do with toys, but she loves to chew. She'll be happy for hours with a big meaty bone.
Indoors when nothing much is going on, Vona is generally calm and quiet, happy to snooze the hours away. But she's no couch potato - she loves going for walks, and enjoys a romp in the yard. She loves to run in circles - alone or with another dog - and if you take her adventuring she will take it all in!
This adventurous girl loves car rides, and won't hesitate to jump on board if you open the door. She travels well, and if she's with someone she trusts she copes well with unfamiliar surroundings.
When Vona first went to her foster home she took a long time to feel safe, preferring to stay in her crate with the door open or under the furniture. After about a week she began to poke her head out more and more often and after that it didn't take long for this cheerful pup to begin interacting with the resident Chi and behaving like a real dog. She becomes very attached to her special person, enjoys attention from people she knows, and takes a while to warm up to strangers. She's been around young children, but is more comfortable with children 8 and up.
She is playful and friendly with other dogs and will back down to a dominant dog, but she's not a pushover. She also shares her home with various poultry and other birds, and she finds them interesting.
Indoors, Vona is polite and calm. She hasn't displayed any destructive habits, and doesn't steal or get into trash. She's comfortable in a crate - and actually likes having her own private space. Potty training is still a work in progress, however. Vona is always eager to get outside when invited to take a potty break, but she does still have accidents inside.
Vona walks well on leash, she doesn't pull. She doesn't really know her name, but comes promptly when called. She appears to be an intelligent little dog and is highly treat-motivated, so we think she'd respond well to training .
When we evaluated Vona she showed most of the signs of poor quality nutrition, including dry coat and heavy tartar. Her condition has improved steadily since she entered foster care. Her teeth are now cleaner, and her coat is soft.
Vonna has been sterilized, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for internal and external parasites. All her available healthcare records will be provided at the time of adoption.
Vona is one of 27 dogs and puppies HART removed from a hoarding situation in late May. Some of the dogs had been picked up as strays or adopted from various sources, but most were born on the property. They lived together in a fenced yard. None was sterilized and the females bred without restriction from their first heat. Most of the puppies were sold by another family member. Puppies received their first two puppy shots and were kept indoors until weaning. The dogs ate poor quality kibble (Alpo or Old Roy) and table scraps, but they had plenty of it and were all in reasonable condition.
When we evaluated these dogs, most of them were poorly socialized and anxious, but none had been abused. We placed them in foster homes, and within just a few weeks they have all proved to be affectionate, loving little dogs with the potential to be wonderful companions. It's important to note that none of them has ever been alone, and they would probably be happiest sharing a home with another friendly dog, or as their human's close companion.
Vona's adoption fee is $225. For more pictures and updates about her, see her album on our Facebook page at /pg/HearthfireAnimalRescueTeam/photos/?tab=album&album_id=271
Please note that HART does not have a facility. Our dogs live in foster homes, and are not available to meet potential adopters until after their adoption application has been approved.
If you are interested in adopting Vonna, please email HearthfireART@gmail.com and request an adoption application. Our application process includes an online background check, vet interview, landlord/property manager interview (if in rental property), and interviews with personal references, other adults living on the property, and the applicant. Depending on various factors we may require a home check. This process usually takes about one week to complete.
Most of our dogs are located in the Tri-Cities, Washington area, and if necessary we will transport them anywhere within the Pacific Northwest, at the adopter's expense. We do not ship our dogs via a third party; they are handed directly from a trusted HART representative to the adopter.

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